Going Totally Konmari

At this point, you probably don't need an introduction to the KonMari Method, a.k.a. "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo. (If by some chance you missed out, here's a quick link to get you up to speed.) I first read her book about 2 years ago after all the hype, and while I really enjoyed it, I didn't immediately "get it". The notion of my possessions having feelings to consider was a bit much for me. But once I got past the quirkiness of Kondo's worldview, something interesting started to happen.

Nice work mom!

Nice work mom!

The KonMari process is really an exercise in carefully examining each item you own to determine if that item "sparks joy". My first attempt at KonMari resulted in a few bags of donations to Goodwill, a trip to the dumpster, and a few consignment sales. I felt very accomplished. But even after the process was complete, I still had a lot of stuff I simply couldn't let go. So I started the process all over again.

The second time I tried the method, something different happened.

I found myself ready to let things go. Not just a few things, but nearly everything. What on earth was happening to me?!? Suddenly, the possessions that meant so much to me before were almost meaningless. Emotionless, I was able to pile up almost every purse, every clothing item, every shoe, and push them out the door. Of course, then my rational brain kicked in and I talked myself into keeping a few things. I mean am I really going to replenish my entire wardrobe? As much fun as that sounds, I'm not a Kardashian who can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, wear something once and toss it.

So I found myself reaching a happy medium by creating my own litmus test -

  1. Keep the items I wear/carry most frequently. 
  2. Toss, donate, or sell the items that are lovely but spend more time on the hanger or shelf than they do on my body.
  3. Be honest. Brutally honest with myself.
Handbag decisions...

Handbag decisions...

Birkin - perfect size. Easy to carry. Chic. Never goes out of style. Keep!

Soft Lockit - pretty but too heavy, the zipper pull makes super annoying sounds when I carry it, hence I never carry it. Sell!

Garden Party - basic. simple. black. boring. Sell!

Jungle Speedy - cute. fun. carried only 4 times. Sell!

SC - unique. slouchy. contrast piping. but now everyone is doing contrast piping. Sell!

I even got my husband into the method and convinced him to try on every single item in his closet. Even the items he's had on dry cleaning hangers for the past 10 years. Yes, 10 years. We managed to compile a pretty solid "toss" pile (our dog helped too) and made a list of new items that would best fit his lifestyle. Now - I find myself in a silent KonMari dialogue with myself every time I enter a store or shop online.  "Wow, that blue wallet is gorgeous!" ("But I already have a blue wallet. If I buy this one, I have to sell the other one.") "These pumps are incredible!" ("You never wear pumps. What are you doing?") "I saw Olivia Palermo wearing this and she looked amazing." ("You are not Olivia. You are not 100 pounds. You are crazy.") The KonMari Method is a pretty amazing process if you customize it for your needs. I'm still shocked at how my thinking has changed and hope these are habits that stick with me for many years to come. 

Have you tried KonMari? Feel free to share your comments!


No, you cannot keep that shirt! It was already in the toss pile. No take backs.

No, you cannot keep that shirt! It was already in the toss pile. No take backs.